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Vacuum Foaming of Aluminum Scrap

  • J. A. Garabito (a1), H. Granados (a1), V. H. López (a1), A. R. Kennedy (a2) and J. E. Bedolla (a1)...


In this study, scrap from the automotive industry was used to produce aluminium foams under vacuum. Chips of an aluminium alloy LM26 were melted and 1wt. % of Mg was added for creating a viscous casting with uniform distribution of oxides. An ingot was obtained of this alloy after casting and solidification. Trials for foaming this alloy were performed by re-melting pieces under vacuum at different temperatures. A window in the vacuum chamber allowed observation of the foaming and collapse of the porous structures was observed during cooling. Characterization of the aluminum foams revealed different levels of expansion, porous structures and degrees of drainage. The best foams were obtained at 680 °C with a density of 0.78 g/cm3. This technique appears to be a feasible low cost route for producing Al foams based on scrap material.


Corresponding author


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Vacuum Foaming of Aluminum Scrap

  • J. A. Garabito (a1), H. Granados (a1), V. H. López (a1), A. R. Kennedy (a2) and J. E. Bedolla (a1)...


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