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UV Multiphoton Dissociation of Group VIB Hexacarbonyls and Derivatives

  • George W. Tyndall (a1) and Robert L. Jackson (a1)


Formation of electronically excited metal atoms via excimer laser multiphoton dissociation of Cr(CO)6, C6H6Cr(CO)3, and Mo(CO)6 has been examined in the gas phase. The dissociation mechanism was studied by determining the laserfluence- dependence and buffer-gas-pressure dependence of the metal atom emission intensity. Each of these species was found to form metal atoms via two-photon and three-photon dissociation processes. The data suggest that dissociation occurs by both direct and sequential processes.



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UV Multiphoton Dissociation of Group VIB Hexacarbonyls and Derivatives

  • George W. Tyndall (a1) and Robert L. Jackson (a1)


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