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UV and VUV Spectroscopy of ns2-type Ions Co-doped YBO3:Eu3+ Red Phosphor

  • L.L. Wang (a1), Y.H. Wang (a2) and W.X. Hua (a3)


YBO3:5% Eu3+ co-doped with some ns2-type ions were synthesized by solid-state reaction and their luminescence properties under ultraviolet (UV) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) region were investigated. The results indicated that in the excitation spectrum of YBO3:5%Eu3+, the strong charge transfer (CT) band of Eu3+ was located in the UV region and the absorption band of the host lattice lay in the VUV region. When the ns2-type ions, such as Sn2+ and Sb3+(n=5), Tl+, Pb2+ and Bi3+(n=6) were co-doped into the host lattice of YBO3:5%Eu3+, the CTS band of Eu3+ was shifted. The intensity of the host lattice absorption band was improved with the incorporation of Tl+, Pb2+ or Bi3+, while decreased with Sn2+ or Sb3+. These luminescent phenomena were analyzed in detail and possible reasons were given.



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UV and VUV Spectroscopy of ns2-type Ions Co-doped YBO3:Eu3+ Red Phosphor

  • L.L. Wang (a1), Y.H. Wang (a2) and W.X. Hua (a3)


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