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Under-Gate Triode Type Field Emission Displays with Carbon Nanotube Emitters

  • J. H. Kang (a1), Y. S. Choi (a1), W. B. Choi (a2), N. S. Lee (a2), Y. J. Park (a2), J. H. Choi (a2), H. Y. Kim (a1), Y. J. Lee (a1), D. S. Chung (a1), Y. W. Jin (a2), J. H. You (a3), S. H. Jo (a3), J. E. Jung (a1) and J. M. Kim (a1)...


A new structure of triode type field emission displays based on single-walled carbon nanotube emitters is demonstrated. In this structure, gate electrodes are situated under cathode electrodes with an in-between insulating layer, so called under-gate type triode. Electron emission from the carbon nanotube emitters is modulated by changing gate voltages. A threshold voltage is approximately 70 V at the anode bias of 275 V.



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