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Ultrathin Silicon Dioxide Formation By Ozone On Ultraflat Si Surface

  • A. Kurokawa (a1), T. Maeda (a1), K. Sakamoto (a1), H. Itoh (a1), K. Nakamura (a1), K. Koike (a2), D.W. Moon (a3), Y.H. Ha (a4), S. Ichimura (a1) and A. Ando (a1)...


We prepared an atomically flat silicon substrate which had a step-terrace structure and observed the topography of the ozone-oxidized surface to clarify whether homogeneous oxidation occurs with ozone. The oxide was formed with high-concentration ozone gas with a thickness of 2.5nm at a temperature of 350°C. The oxide surface still maintained the same step-terrace structure as observed before oxidation, which revealed that ozone-oxidation occurs layer-by-layer and produces an atomically flat oxide. XPS and MEIS analyses show that the stoichiometry of ozone oxide grown at 350°C is the same as that of an oxide grown thermally at 750°C.



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