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Ultrafast All-optical Switches Based on Intersubband Transitions in GaN/AlN Multiple Quantum Wells for Tb/s Operation

  • Jahan M. Dawlaty (a1), Farhan Rana (a1) and William J. Schaff (a1)


Theoretical and experimental results on ultra-fast all-optical switches based on intersubband transitions for Tb/s operation are presented. Designs for engineering intersubband transitions (ISBT) in GaN/AlN quantum wells near communication wavelengths (∼1.55 μm) and for realizing all-optical switches requiring small pulse energies are discussed. Optimized designs show all-optical switching at Tb/s data rates with pulse energies as small as 200 fJ. Experimental realization of narrow line-width ISBT in GaN/AlN superlattices is also demonstrated.



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