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Tunable and Wireless Photoimpedance Light Sensor

  • Tanuj Saxena (a1), Sergey Rumyantsev (a1), Partha Dutta (a1) and Michael Shur (a1) (a2)


We report on the effects of the frequency dispersion in light sensitive materials used in photoimpedance wireless sensors. An example of such a sensor is a gated semiconductor connecting two or more fixed capacitances. The impedance of the device under illumination is changed by the change in the photoresistance of the semiconductor layer and the change in the gate-semiconductor capacitance. We report on the design and simulation of the frequency dispersion of the impedance of this device in silicon and discuss the physics and device performance. We also evaluate the dynamic range and sensitivity of the wireless photoimpedance sensors and show their advantages for wireless sensing applications compared to more conventional light sensors.



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