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Transmission Electron Microscopy of Mocvd Titanium Nitride Films

  • Toshio Itoh (a1), Toyohiko J. Konno (a1), Robert Sinclair (a1), Ivo J.M.M. Raaijmakers (a2) and Bruce E. Roberts (a2)...


The effect of substrate temperature and process pressure on microstructure of MOCVD-TiN films deposited on oxidized Si substrates are studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). It is found that microstructure of MOCVD-TiN films distinctly changes with these deposition parameters and that the resistivity of the films is uniquely related to the microstructure. Films with the lowest resistivity (< 500 μohm-cm) show a uniform semi-columnar grain structure. Films with the highest resistivity (> 10,000 μohm-cm) show a uniform equi-axed micrograin structure. The other films exhibit a bi-layer structure: one layer of semi-columnar grains and the other of equiaxed micrograins. The thickness ratio of these layers changes with the deposition conditions and the resistivity is a unique function of the thickness of the semi-columnar grain layer.



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