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Transient and modulated photoconductivity in microcrystalline silicon

  • R. Brüggemann (a1), C. Longeaud (a2) and J.P. Kleider (a2)


We report on transient and modulated photoconductivity experiments with undoped michrystalline silicon in which access to density-of-states information is limited because the Fermi level results in occupancy of localised states in the energy range which is scanned. Simulation results show that a defect peak will be masked if most of the distribution is occupied because of the Fermi level position and the density-of-states determined from the experimental data is not an image of the true distribution. Another difficulty with obtaining reliable density-of-states distributions in microcrystalline silicon is the metastability of samples with respect ot adsorption of gases. If dark-conductivity changes are large upon heat treatment in vacuum, the modulated and transient photocurrent response are also affected to a large degree and the density-of-states profiles apart form being influenced by the Fermi level position thus also depend on the thermal history of the sample.



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Transient and modulated photoconductivity in microcrystalline silicon

  • R. Brüggemann (a1), C. Longeaud (a2) and J.P. Kleider (a2)


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