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Toughening of Intermetallics by Coated Ductile Reinforcements

  • H. E. Deve (a1), A. G. Evans (a1) and R. Mehrabian (a1)


The effects of reinforcement debonding and work hardening on ductile reinforcement toughening of γ-TiAl have been examined. Debonding has been varied by either the development of a brittle reaction product layer or by depositing a thin oxide coating between the reinforcement and matrix. The role of work hardening has been explored by comparing Nb reinforcements that exhibits high work hardening with solution hardened Ti-Nb alloy that exhibits negligible work hardening. It is demonstrated that a high work of rupture is encouraged by extensive debonding when the reinforcement exhibits high work hardening. Conversely, debonding is not beneficial when the reinforcement exhibits low work hardening.



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Toughening of Intermetallics by Coated Ductile Reinforcements

  • H. E. Deve (a1), A. G. Evans (a1) and R. Mehrabian (a1)


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