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Topological States in 1D Photonic Quasi-crystals

  • M.S. Vasconcelos (a1) and E.L. Albuquerque (a2)


We investigated theoretically the transmission spectra in one-dimensional photonic quasicrystals (1DPQ) made up from dielectric materials organized in accordance to a discrete varying electric permittivity profile that obeys an analogous of the quasiperiodic potential in the so-called Audry-André (AA) model, in order to modulate the refraction index. Our results show that due to the incommensurate dielectric distribution, the spectrum splits into a fractal set of pass- and forbidden-band structure. By studying the transmission spectra as a function of the modulation phase ϕ, we found boundary states lying within the gaps localized either on the left or on the right boundary of the system, characterizing the so-called topological states.



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