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Titanium Nitride Epitaxy on Tungsten (100) by Sublimation Crystal Growth

  • Lisa Mercurio (a1), James H. Edgar (a2), Li Du (a3) and E. A. Kenik (a4)


Titanium nitride crystals were grown from titanium nitride powder on tungsten by the sublimation-recondensation technique. The bright golden TiN crystals displayed a variety of shapes including cubes, truncated tetrahedrons, truncated octahedrons, and tetrahedrons bounded by (111) and (100) crystal planes. The TiN crystals formed regular, repeated patterns within individual W grains that suggested epitaxy. X-ray diffraction and electron backscattering diffraction revealed that the tungsten foil was highly textured with a preferred foil normal of (100) and confirmed that the TiN particles deposited epitaxially with the orientation TiN(100)‖W(100) and TiN[100]‖W[110], that is, the unit cells of the TiN crystals were rotated 45° with respect to the tungsten. Because of its larger coefficient of thermal expansion compared to W, upon cooling from the growth temperature, the TiN crystals were under in-plane tensile strain, causing many of the TiN crystals to crack.



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Titanium Nitride Epitaxy on Tungsten (100) by Sublimation Crystal Growth

  • Lisa Mercurio (a1), James H. Edgar (a2), Li Du (a3) and E. A. Kenik (a4)


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