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Time Voltage Dependency in Resistance Switching TiO2

  • Christian Nauenheim (a1) (a2), Dominique Drouin (a2), Rainer Waser (a3) and Andreas Ruediger (a1)


Resistively switching TiO2 thin films show a multitude of resistance states, which are achieved during the programming and erasing of a memory cell. These resistance states depend on the applied voltage and the allowed current. Additionally, the operation time has a relevant influence on the adjusted resistance. This parameterization points out a potential application in future multi-level cell memory systems, but also determines the persistence of the non-volatile nature and provides an additional insight into the physics of the resistance switching. Our devices consist of metal-insulator-metal stacks made of Pt/TiO2/Ti/Pt, which are built up in crosspoint junctions. The maximum programming current and the maximum erase voltage amplitude were used to tune in the low resistance and high resistance state, respectively, in combination with the operation time. The corresponding dependencies were determined by quasi-static voltage sweeps, pulse bursts and single pulses of up to 4 V and down to 10 ns.



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Time Voltage Dependency in Resistance Switching TiO2

  • Christian Nauenheim (a1) (a2), Dominique Drouin (a2), Rainer Waser (a3) and Andreas Ruediger (a1)


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