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Time Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy on GaN Epitaxial Layers

  • B. K. Meyer (a1), D. Volm (a1), C. Wetzel (a2), L. Eckey (a3), J.-Ch. Holst (a3), P. Maxim (a3), R. Heitz (a3), A. Hoffmann (a3), I. Broser (a3), E. N. Mokhov (a4), P. G. Baranov (a4), C. Qiu (a5) and J. I. Pankove (a5)...


Free and bound exciton luminescences as well as donor-acceptor pair recombination of GaN epitaxial layers on 6H-SiC and sapphire substrates were investigated using time integrated and time resolved photoluminescence measurements at low temperatures. Lifetimes are determined for the donor bound exciton at 3.4722eV and for two acceptor bound excitons with energies of 3.4672eV and 3.459eV. Luminescences between 3.29eV and 3.37eV are identified as due to excitons deeply bound to centers located near the substrate-epilayer interface.



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