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Three-Dimensional Representation of Curved Nanostructures

  • Z. Huang (a1), D.A. Dikin (a1), W. Ding (a1), Y. Qiao (a1), Y. Fridman (a2) and R.S. Ruoff (a1)...


Nanostructures, such as nanowires, nanotubes, and nanocoils, can be described in many cases as quasi one-dimensional (1D) curved objects projecting in three-dimensional (3D) space. A parallax method to reconstruct the correct three-dimensional geometry of such 1D nanostructures is presented. A series of images were acquired at different view angles, and from those image pairs, 3D representations were constructed using a MATLAB program. Error analysis as a function of view-angle between the two images is discussed. As an example application, we demonstrate the importance of knowing the true 3D shape of Boron nanowires. Without precise knowledge of the nanowire's dimensions, diameter and length, mechanical resonance data cannot be properly fit to obtain an accurate estimate of the Young's modulus.



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Three-Dimensional Representation of Curved Nanostructures

  • Z. Huang (a1), D.A. Dikin (a1), W. Ding (a1), Y. Qiao (a1), Y. Fridman (a2) and R.S. Ruoff (a1)...


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