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Thin Film Fabrication of R2Fe14B Compounds

  • J. F. Zasadzinski (a1), C. U. Segre (a1), E. D. Rippert (a1), J. Chrzas (a1) and P. Radusewicz (a1)...


Thin Films (≃4000 A) of R2Fe14B compounds have been synthesized by d.c. triode sputtering for R=Nd,Sm and Er. Deposition onto single-crystal substrates heated to 600”C and with rates of 1.3 A/s results in nearly epitaxial film growth such that the c-axis of the tetragonal structure is perpendicular to the film plane. As a consequence, intrinsic anisotropy effects are observed in the magnetic properties of the as-made films. Although sapphire and quartz substrates give the best results, similar directed growth is observed on recrystallized Nb foils. Magneto-optical measurements on the Nd-based compounds give a remnant polar Kerr angle θ=0.22° and coercive field Hc=5.5 k0e. The easy axis is in the film plane for R=Sm and Er and a remnant magnetization greater than 80% of saturation is observed for H applied parallel to the film plane. Electrical resistivity measurements on Nd2Fe14B films indicate that spin-disorder scattering from the rare earth site is important and features from both the Curie and spin reorientation temperatures are observed.



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Thin Film Fabrication of R2Fe14B Compounds

  • J. F. Zasadzinski (a1), C. U. Segre (a1), E. D. Rippert (a1), J. Chrzas (a1) and P. Radusewicz (a1)...


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