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Thin Film Dispenser Cathodes for Thermionic Micro-Devices

  • Kevin R. Zavadil (a1) and Donald B. King (a2)


Electron emissive thin films that possess the thermionic properties of macroscale dispenser cathodes have been fabricated using standard RF sputter deposition techniques. These films are based on a compositionally modulated structure using W and a Ba-containing ternary oxide. These films exhibit uniform work function values of 1.9 to 2.2 eV with high emission coefficients of 2 to 26 A·cm−2K−2. Electron microscopy shows that W layer coalescence and continued particle growth occurs with prolonged annealing, eventually disrupting the original surface layer. Chemical modification of the oxide during deposition may provide a route to limit the extent of W coalescence and preserve surface metallization layers on these films. These films are designed to be integrated into thermionic micro-devices.



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Thin Film Dispenser Cathodes for Thermionic Micro-Devices

  • Kevin R. Zavadil (a1) and Donald B. King (a2)


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