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The thermodynamic stability of three near-degenerate phases of platinum dioxide

  • Shuping Zhuo (a1) (a2) and Karl Sohlberg (a2)


The thermodynamic stability of the three nearly energy degenerate crystal structures of PtO2 is studied here with first-principles-based calculations of their free energies. For P = 0 the α-(CdI2) structure is the thermodynamically stable phase at low temperature, while the β-(CaCl2) structure is stable at high pressure. The β'-(rutile) structure represents an unstable fixed point on the potential energy surface, or is possibly just barely bound. These results reconcile seemingly contradictory findings and answer longstanding questions about PtO2.



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The thermodynamic stability of three near-degenerate phases of platinum dioxide

  • Shuping Zhuo (a1) (a2) and Karl Sohlberg (a2)


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