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Thermal Shock Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Composites

  • Raj N. Singh (a1) and Hongyu Wang (a1)


The influence of fiber type and method of composite fabrication on the thermal shock behavior of 2-D fiber-reinforced ceramic composites is studied. Thermal shock tests are performed using a water quench technique, and thermal shock damage is characterized by both destructive and nondestructive techniques. It is shown that the composites possessed superior resistance to thermal shock damage than the monolithic ceramics. Catastrophic failure due to severe thermal stresses is prevented in composites and a significant portion of their original strength is retained at a quench temperature difference up to 1000°C. These results along with an analysis of the thermal shock damage mechanism based on the destructive and nondestructive tests is described.



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Thermal Shock Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Composites

  • Raj N. Singh (a1) and Hongyu Wang (a1)


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