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Thermal Annealing Study of High-TC Ybacuo and Bisrcacuo Superconducting Wires

  • Y. D. Yao (a1), J. W. Chen (a2), Y. Y. Chen (a1), W. S. Pern (a1), H. A. Yong (a2), I. N. Lin (a3), P. C. Yao (a3), S. J. Yang (a3) and S. E. Hsu (a3)...


High‐T YBaCuO and BiSrCaCuO Superconducting wires have been fabricated by powder metallurgy technique. Copper and silver tubes were used as the external jackets. Thermal annealing treatments for all the wire‐type samples were performed between 773 K and 1223 K. Both electrical and magnetization studies show that the superconducting properties can be improved after properly thermal annealing these samples with silver jacket. Our experimental results show that proper thermal annealing treatment can enhance the intragrain critical current density more than 100 times; however, the intergrain critical current density improves only a few times.



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