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Theory of conductive filaments in threshold switches

  • V. G. Karpov (a1), M. Nardone (a1) and M. Simon (a1)


We show that the average parameters of conductive filaments and the related characteristics of threshold switches can be described thermodynamically based on the system free energy. In particular, we derive analytical expressions for the filament radius as a function of applied bias, and its current-voltage characteristics, the observations of which have remained without mathematical description for about 30 years. Our theory is extendible to filament transients and allows for efficient numerical simulations of arbitrary switching structures. This new understanding may be important in the advancement of novel technologies that combine threshold switches with phase change memory, such as 3D architectures.



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Theory of conductive filaments in threshold switches

  • V. G. Karpov (a1), M. Nardone (a1) and M. Simon (a1)


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