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Temperature Dependence of Electroluminescence from Nanocrystalline Silicon thin Films

  • T. Toyama (a1), Y. Kotani (a1), A. Shimode (a1), K. Shimizu (a1) and H. Okamoto (a1)...


Temperature dependence of electroluminescence (EL) from nanocrystalline Si (nc-Si) has been studied in comparison with that of photoluminescence (PL) from the nc-Si. The similarity is found in the temperature dependence of peak shift between EL and PL excited by ultraviolet light. The blue shift in both peaks is also found when the carrier generation rate is increased. The experimental results are indicative that the peak shifts due to the temperature and the generation rate are based on different mechanisms.



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Temperature Dependence of Electroluminescence from Nanocrystalline Silicon thin Films

  • T. Toyama (a1), Y. Kotani (a1), A. Shimode (a1), K. Shimizu (a1) and H. Okamoto (a1)...


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