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Tem Studies of GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures Grown on Patterned Substrates

  • D. M. Hwang (a1), E. Kapon (a1), M. C. Tamargo (a1), J. P. Harbison (a1), R. Bhat (a1) and L. Nazar (a1)...


Epitaxical growth rates depend strongly on the crystalline orientations of substrate surfaces. Multilayer growth on pre-patterned substrates with various crystal facets exposed results in a large variation of layer thicknesses in the lateral direction. This lateral definition can be used in device applications. Alternating layers of GaAs and AIGaAs were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on (100) GaAs substrates patterned with grooves and ridges along the [01T] and [011] directions by chemical etching. The results were analyzed with transmission electron microscopy using vertical cross-section techniques. Examples of using this method to fabricate ridges with tips of atomic sharpness and quantum-well lasers are presented.



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