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Systematic Behaviors of ab-plane Pinning Variations in a Practical Length Wire Fabricated by the MOD/RABiTS Process

  • J. Yates Coulter (a1), David W. Reagor (a1), Jeffrey O. Willis (a1) and Terry G. Holesinger (a1)


In-field critical current Ic variations, detected using a short sample, angular Ic(77K, H=5.2kOe, Angle) measurement on the ends of a 20 m coated conductor tape fabricated by the MOD / RABiTS process, are shown to be variations in the Ic(H) anisotropy that exist on subcentimeter length scales. A Ic(75 K, H, Angle) study was performed on segments cut from the tape where the power law exponent of the field dependence, α, Ic ∼H−α was calculated for Ic(H, Angle) data. Two extrema behaviors, anisotropic and isotropic, were identified. The isotropic material is shown to outperform the anisotropic material for a wide range of fields and angles at T=26 K.



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