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Synthetic and Structural Studies Bismuth/Copper Alkoxides

  • William J. Evans (a1) and John H. Hain (a1)


The reaction of Bi[OC(CH3)3]3 with [Cu(μ-O2CCH3)2]2 has been investigated as a possible route to mixed-metal materials containing bismuth and copper. The product distribution obtained from this reaction depends not only upon the stoichiometry, but also upon the method of product isolation. Products containing bismuth and copper are obtainable as well as an unusual, soluble hexametallic copper(II) alkoxide acetate complex, Cu6[OC(CH3)3]6(O2CCH3)6. The mixed-metal products were examined by differential scanning calorimetry, and thermolyzed and hydrolyzed samples of these products were compared by scanning electron microscopy.



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Synthetic and Structural Studies Bismuth/Copper Alkoxides

  • William J. Evans (a1) and John H. Hain (a1)


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