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Synthesis of Bulk Quasicrystals by Spark Plasma Sintering

  • E. Fleury (a1), J.H. Lee (a2), S.H. Kim (a1), G.S. Song (a1), J.S. Kim (a3), W.T. Kim (a4) and D.H. Kim (a1)...


Spark plasma sintering method was applied to Al-Cu-Fe and Al-Si-Cu-Fe gas-atomized powders to prepare almost pore-free cylindrical specimens with icosahedral and 1/1 cubic approximant phases, respectively. This investigation has revealed that a high density could be obtained despite the short period and low temperature imposed during spark plasma sintering. In comparison to hot press technique, these conditions are favorable since they limit the formation of secondary phases and avoid exaggerated grain growth. The Vickers microhardness and fracture toughness of these two alloy systems were found to be larger than those obtained from cast and hot pressed samples, which could be attributed to a strong bonding between powder particles and the small-grained microstructure of the bulk SPS quasicrystalline specimens.



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Synthesis of Bulk Quasicrystals by Spark Plasma Sintering

  • E. Fleury (a1), J.H. Lee (a2), S.H. Kim (a1), G.S. Song (a1), J.S. Kim (a3), W.T. Kim (a4) and D.H. Kim (a1)...


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