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Surface Reaction in NiO CoO MnO and FeO in the Electron Microscope

  • M. I. Buckett (a1) and L. D. Marks (a1)


Electron irradiation damage in the metal monoxide series of group Vll and VIII elements -NiO, CoO, MnO and FeO - has been investigated in the non-UHV electron microscope environment. NiO and CoO were also examined in the UHV environment. Each of these materials showed comparatively similar electron-stimulated oxidation of the surface in the non-controlled conventional HREM environment, at a vacuum level of approximately 10–7 Torr; while only ballistic damage was observed in both the NiO and CoO under UHV conditions.



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Surface Reaction in NiO CoO MnO and FeO in the Electron Microscope

  • M. I. Buckett (a1) and L. D. Marks (a1)


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