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Surface Anisotropy in Epitaxial FE(110)/MO(110) Multilayers

  • R.M. Osgood (a1), R.L. White (a1) and B.M. Clemens (a1)


We have prepared epitaxial Fe(110)/Mo(110) multilayers by sputter deposition. These films exhibit a large uniaxial anisotropy and may be attractive as islanded in-plane recording media. The large uniaxial anisotropy is due to the intrinsic surface anisotropy of the Fe(110)/Mo(110) interface, which is of the same magnitude as the surface anistropy of the Fe(110)/W(110) interface but has a different sign (the surface anisotropy of the Fe(110)/Mo(110) interface prefers the [001] axis of magnetization). The magnetoelastic component of the anisotropy is not large. A novel magneto-optic technique was used to measure the transverse component of the magnetization and deduce information about the anisotropy and domain structure of the multilayers.



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Surface Anisotropy in Epitaxial FE(110)/MO(110) Multilayers

  • R.M. Osgood (a1), R.L. White (a1) and B.M. Clemens (a1)


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