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Surface and Volume Diffusion of Water and Oil in Porous Media by Field Cycling Nuclear Relaxation and Pgse NMR

  • S. Godefroy (a1) (a2), J.-P. Korb (a1), D. Petit (a1), M. Fleury (a2) and R. G. Bryant (a3)...


The microdynamics of water and oil in macroporous media with SiO2 or CaCO3 surfaces has been probed at various temperatures by magnetic field-cycling measurements of the spin-lattice relaxation rates. These measurements and an original theory of surface diffusion allowed us to obtain surface dynamical parameters, such as a coefficient of surface affinity of the liquid molecules and the surface diffusion coefficient. The water surface diffusion coefficients are compared to the volume self-diffusion coefficients of water in pores, measured by PGSE method, the latter values being more than an order of magnitude higher than the surface ones. Complementary information on the nature of the solid-liquid interface was given by NMR chemical shift experiments at high magnetic field.



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