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Suppression of the Uranium-Hydrogen Reaction using High-Dose Carbon Implantation

  • R. G. Musket (a1)


We have previously reported the delay and reduction of the hydriding of uranium by implantation of oxygen. The reduced hydriding was attributed to the presence of the uranium oxide layer created near room temperature. In this paper we present results for the layers formed by implantation of 80 keV C+ to a dose of 8E17 C/cm2. The carbide layers formed were characterized by Auger electron spectroscopy, Rutherford backscattering, and glancing angle x-ray diffraction. Hydriding properties of both nonimplanted and implanted uranium were measured for 76 Torr hydrogen at 130°C. The implanted specimens had significantly longer incubation times for the start of the reaction after exposure to hydrogen and less area participating in the reaction.



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