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Superconductivity of Dc Reactive Magnetron Sputtered Epitaxial TiN/NbN Superlattices

  • M. Shinn (a1), B. -S. Hong (a1) and S. A. Barnett (a1)


Epitaxial B1-structure TiN/NbN superlattices have been grown by reactive magnetron sputtering On MgO(001). X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) diffraction spectra exhibited up to nine orders of superlattice reflections, indicating that the superlattice interfaces were relatively sharp. TEM images also showed well-defined layers. The superlattice wavelength (∧) dependence of the superconducting transition temperature (Tc), critical Current density (Jc), and electrical resistivity (ρ) have been investigated. Tc values increased from 12 K to 17 K with increasing ∧. Jc in a magnetic field perpendicular to the film surface ranged from 104 to 106 A/cm2, increasing with increasing wavelength and decreasing with increasing applied magnetic field. Jc in a field parallel to the film surface was > 10 times higher, ≈ 107 A/cm2. The resistivity exhibited different ∧ dependencies in three different A ranges.



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Superconductivity of Dc Reactive Magnetron Sputtered Epitaxial TiN/NbN Superlattices

  • M. Shinn (a1), B. -S. Hong (a1) and S. A. Barnett (a1)


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