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Superconductive Properties of CsxRbyC60 (33K) - Isotope Effect -

  • T. W. Ebbesen (a1), K. Tanigaki (a1), S. Saito (a1), J. Mizuki (a1), J. S. Tsai (a1), Y. Kubo (a1) and S. Kuroshima (a1)...


The surprisingly high Tc for the superconductivity of alkali doped C60 has spurred wide interest in understanding its mechanism [1–7]. We first report the superconductive properties of CsxRbyC60 which has a Tc as high as 33 K when x=2 and y=1 in the feed [4, 5]. SQUID measurements show that in this material the coherence length is 45 A and the penetration depth about 1, 800 A [5]. It has now been proven that the observed increase in the Tc with the size of the alkali dopant is due to the increase in the lattice constant [6]. This is most likely due to the changes in the density of states at the Fermi level. The other important parameter according to BSC theory is the phonon which mediates the electron-electron coupling. In the second part of this paper we present recent results which show that the Tc is indeed strongly influenced by this parameter [7]. The isotope effect is unexpectedly strong on the Tc.



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