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Superconducting Fibers from Anhydrous Metal Carboxylates

  • Richard M. Laine (a1), Kay A. Youngdahl (a1), Richard A. Kennish (a1), Martin L. Hoppe (a1), Zhi-Fan Zhang (a1) and D. Jean Ray (a1)...


A variety of anhydrous Y, Ba and Cu carboxylates were synthesized and screened for utility as spinnable precursors to 123 superconducting fibers. Simple extrusion studies demonstrate that THF solutions of mixtures of Y, Ba and Cu isobutyrates with some Ba 2-ethyl- hexanoate can be used to form 70 μm dia. precursor fibers. Following a curing at 150°C for 24–48 h, pyrolysis of these fibers in air to 900°C, with controlled heating rates, gives dense, flexible ceramic fibers 15–20 μm in dia. These fibers have the appropriate orthorhombic phase. Flux exclusion measurements indicate the fibers are superconducting; but ΔTc is not optimal.



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Superconducting Fibers from Anhydrous Metal Carboxylates

  • Richard M. Laine (a1), Kay A. Youngdahl (a1), Richard A. Kennish (a1), Martin L. Hoppe (a1), Zhi-Fan Zhang (a1) and D. Jean Ray (a1)...


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