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Sulfur Containing Conjugated Polymers with Interesting Electronic Properties.

  • R. L. Elsenbaumer (a1), D. S. Marynick (a1), S. Seong (a1) and R. L. Meline (a1)


The electronic properties of the isomerie (C2S2)n conjugated sulfur containing polymers 1, 2, and 3 were characterized using ab initio and PRDDO Molecular orbital calculations, as well as EH band structure calculations. It is anticipated that such structures might exhibit enhanced electrical conductivities when doped owing to the possibility of the peripheral sulfur atoms extending orbital interactions transverse to the chain axis direction. Such increased dimensionality is demonstrated for the structurally similar superconductive Molecular TTF and ET charge-transfer salts. Of the three polymeric structures, indications are that polymer 2 is highest in energy. Polymer 3 can exist in both “chair” and “boat” conformations, with the chair form slightly more stable. Both the chair and boat forms of 3 were found to be of lower energy than 1. Calculated band gaps and band widths are reported along with preliminary synthetic attempts to prepare these polymers and observed properties.



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Sulfur Containing Conjugated Polymers with Interesting Electronic Properties.

  • R. L. Elsenbaumer (a1), D. S. Marynick (a1), S. Seong (a1) and R. L. Meline (a1)


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