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Substrate Misorientation Effects on Epitaxial GaInAsSb

  • C. A. Wang (a1), H. K. Choi (a1), D. C. Oakley (a1) and G. W. Charache (a2)


The effect of substrate misorientation on the growth of GaInAsSb was studied for epilayers grown lattice matched to GaSb substrates by low-pressure organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The substrates were (100) misoriented 2 or 6° toward (110), (111)A, or (111)B. The surface is mirror-like and featureless for layers grown with a 6° toward (111)B misorientation, while a slight texture was observed for layers grown on all other misorientations. The optical quality of layers, as determined by the full width at half-maximum of photoluminescence spectra measured at 4K, is significantly better for layers grown on substrates with a 6° toward (111)B misorientation. The incorporation of Zn as a p-type dopant in GaInAsSb is about 1.5 times more efficient on substrates with 60 toward (111)B misorientation compared to 2° toward (110) misorientation. The external quantum efficiency of thermophotovoltaic devices is not, however, significantly affected by substrate misorientation.



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Substrate Misorientation Effects on Epitaxial GaInAsSb

  • C. A. Wang (a1), H. K. Choi (a1), D. C. Oakley (a1) and G. W. Charache (a2)


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