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Submicron Pseudomorphic Hemt’S Using Non-Alloyed Ohmic Contacts with Contrast Enhancement.

  • Ph. Jansen (a1), W. De Raedt (a1), M. Van Hove (a1), R. Jonckheere (a1), R. Pereira (a1) and M. Van Rossum (a1)...


We report for the first time the realization of submicron pseudomorphic Al.15, Ga.85As-In.20Ga.80As HEMT’s with non-alloyed Pd/Ge ohmic coi tacts. Best results of contact resistance were obtained at a sintering temperature of 340°C with values as low as 0.057 Ωmm. Enhanced contrast, needed for accurate alignment of the gate by electron-beam lithography, was obtained by using Pd/Ge/Ti/Pd and Pd/Ge/Ti/Pt metal sequences. These contacts exhibited even lower contact resistances than the standard Pd/Ge contacts. Although Pd/Ge/Ti/Pd exhibits good morphology, reaction is witnessed at the edges, reducing the accuracy of alignment.

Processed enhancement mode devices exhibit maximum transconductances in excess of 520 mS/mm and currents of 300 mA/mm for 0.3 micron gatelength. This study shows that the contact resistance is no longer a restriction for obtaining very high transconductances in high performance devices.



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