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Study on Resistance Increase Trends and Recovery Characteristics of YBCO Thin-film Wire According to Insulation Layer

  • Ho Ik Du (a1), Byoung Sung Han (a2), Yong Jin Kim (a2), Dong Hyeok Lee (a2) and Sang Seob Song (a3)...


To apply the superconducting wire to power machines, it is necessary to conduct research on the characteristics of wire phase changes in connection with insulating layers. In this study, according to the presence or absence of insulating layers in the wire, and to the thickness of such layers, the wire's resistance increase trends and the characteristics of its recovery from quenching were examined by current-applied cycle at the temperatures of 90 K, 180 K and 250 K. Towards this end, YBCO thin-film wires that have the same critical temperatures and that have copper and stainless-steel stabilizing layers were prepared. One level and three and five levels of superior-performance polyimide pressure-sensitive adhesive tape was attached to the wires at a very low temperature. The eight prepared test samples were wound around the linear frames, then the wire's voltage and current created owing to the phase change characteristics were measured at each prescribed temperature, using the four-point probe method. Further, near the examination temperatures of 90 K, 180 K and 250 K the wire's resistance and recovery characteristics were examined by cycle.



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