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A Study on Conditions for Microbial Transport through Compacted Buffer Material

  • Fukunaga (a1), M. Honya (a1), E. Yokoyama (a1), K. Arai (a1), T. Mine (a2), M. Mihara (a2) and T. Senju (a3)...


In order to assess microbial transport through compacted buffer material consisting of bentonite and silica sand with a density of 1.2, 1.6 or 1.8 g/cm3, sterilized test pieces with the diameter of 50 mm and the depth of 25 mm were fed with bacteria, Escherichia coli. The bacteria freely diffused when the proportion of Na-bentonite was 20 wt% or that of Ca-bentonite was 50 wt%. Bacterial movement was less than 5 mm in three weeks when the proportion of Na-bentonite was 70-100 wt% or that of Ca-bentonite was 100 wt%. A high proportion of bentonite is essential to slow down microbial entrance to the surface of a nuclear-waste container.



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