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A Study of the MBE Growth of MGO on The FE(001) Surface

  • J.L. Vassent (a1), M. Dynna (a1), G. Patrat (a2), B. Gilles (a3) and A. Marty (a1)...


The deposition of MgO on the Fe(001) surface has been carried out using electron beam evaporation. MgO is observed to grow epitaxially with a 45° rotation between the Fe(001) and MgO(001) unit cell axes. Oscillations in the intensity of the RHEED specular beam are observed at room temperature showing that growth is two-dimensional. The relaxation of the in-plane lattice parameter during the growth at room temperature has been investigated in-situ by measuring the position of the RHEED streaks and ex-situ with GIXD experiments. Pseudomorphic growth is observed up to about five monolayers. Then the in-plane lattice parameter starts to evolve towards the MgO bulk parameter. HREM shows that the relaxation of MgO occurs via the generation of 1/2<011> misfit dislocations which are non-uniformly spaced at the Fe/MgO interface.



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