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Study of the Dynamic Behavior of Dislocations During the Melt Growth Process of Tin Crystal by Synchrotron X-Ray Topography

  • Osamu Nittono (a1), Taro Ogawa (a1), Sheng Kai Gong (a1) and Sigemaro Nagakura (a1)


The dynamic behavior of the melt growth process of Sn with low dislocation density has been investigated by means of synchrotron Laue topography using an X-ray sensing high resolution camera tube. No defect images are observed at the point where the melting begins. No dislocations are generated during the temperature rise to the melting point,although the dislocation configuration changes slightly. Most of dislocations which are contacting the melting interface do not propagate into a newly grown crystal part and the homogeneous solidification results in a nearly perfect crystal.Dislocations and slip bands are generated from a part where the solidification is completed. It was found that the growing interface appears atomically rough and extends through a considerably large number of layers.



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