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Study of pulsed RF DPN process parameters for 65 nm node MOSFET gate dielectrics

  • A. Rothschild (a1), P. A. Kraus (a2), T.C. Chua (a2), F. Nouri (a2), F.N. Cubaynes (a3), A. Veloso (a1), S. Mertens (a1), L. Date (a4), R. Schreutelkamp (a4) and M. Schaekers (a1)...


In order to understand how N2 plasma conditions impact on the incorporation of nitrogen species into a thin SiO2 (1.4 nm), tuning of some pulsed RF (pRF) Decoupled Plasma Nitridation (DPN) process parameters was performed: duty cycle (DC) or on-time per period, frequency (f), process time (t) and some cross-combinations (DC*f, DC*t, DC*f*t). The N2 plasma and the SiOx Ny film were characterized using Langmuir probe analysis (LP) and Delay to Reoxidation (D2R) techniques, respectively. Correlations are established between ion density and electron temperature and the resultant nitrogen concentration and parasitic physical thickness increase. The LP results indicate that while DC impacts the ion density and energy, the frequency has no impact to first order. This is consistent with the physical characteristics of the film. From the combination of DC*f*t, the importance of the off-time portion of the pulse was revealed. With the help of a modified pulsed RF DPN generator, allowing a decrease of the frequency down to 2 kHz, a 5% improvement of the drive current for pMOS transistors was obtained.



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