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Study of Monocrystalline Structure of GaAs/Si Grown by VPE

  • Zhang Rong (a1), Zheng Youdou (a1), Yan Yong (a1) (a2), Feng Duan (a1) (a2) and Huang Shanxiang (a3)...


A single crystal GaAs/Si heterostructure has been fabricated using the “two step” version of the traditional halogenide VPE technique. The X-ray diffraction spectroscopy, the high resolution electron microscopy observation and the Raman scattering spectroscopy have been used to analyze the structure of the GaAs epitaxial film on Si, while the X-ray photoelectron energy spectroscopy has been used to determine the chemical structure of the GaAs epilayer. The results indicate that the epilayer is a stoichiometric GaAs single crystal film.



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Study of Monocrystalline Structure of GaAs/Si Grown by VPE

  • Zhang Rong (a1), Zheng Youdou (a1), Yan Yong (a1) (a2), Feng Duan (a1) (a2) and Huang Shanxiang (a3)...


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