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Study of CIGS Solar Cells Back Contact

  • Sylvain Marsillac (a1) and Himal Khatri (a2)


Molybdenum thin films were deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering. The strain in the films was mostly tensile and varied, with the Argon pressure and the r.f. power, along a bell curve, reaching a maximum at 8 mTorr (80 W) and 6 mTorr (100 W). The grain size deduced from the X-Ray diffraction measurements (FWHM) decreased with increasing Argon pressure and, to a lower extent, with decreasing r.f power. The change in grain size, as well as in morphology, was confirmed by AFM imaging. Finally, the resistivity of the films was found to increase with increasing Argon pressure, while the films maintained good adhesion to the soda-lime glass substrates for all Argon pressures and r.f. power.



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Study of CIGS Solar Cells Back Contact

  • Sylvain Marsillac (a1) and Himal Khatri (a2)


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