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A Study of Austempered Ductile Cast Iron

  • J. D. Verhoeven (a1), A. El Nagar (a2), B. El Sarnagawa (a2), D. P. Cornwell (a1) and F. Laabs (a1)...


Experiments were carried out on unalloyed ductile cast iron to evaluate the % retained austenite (%RY) and its lattice parameter as a function of austenitizing time and temperature for austempering temperatures ranging from 270 to 420°C. Results are related to expected carbon levels in the gamma iron matrix at the austenitizing temperature. It is shown that the rate of austenitization can be described as a two step process and experiments demonstrate that 900°C austenitizatlon is complete after 8m. An 1100°C homogenizatdon has been shown to have a small effect upon %RY and rate of austenitization.



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A Study of Austempered Ductile Cast Iron

  • J. D. Verhoeven (a1), A. El Nagar (a2), B. El Sarnagawa (a2), D. P. Cornwell (a1) and F. Laabs (a1)...


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