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Studies of Critical Current Density Enhancement in (Cax Y1−x)Ba2Cu4O8 (1:2:4)

  • P. K. Narwankar (a1) (a2), M. R. Chandrachood (a1), M. Fendorf (a1) (a3), D. E. Morris (a2), A. P. B. Sinha (a1) and R. Gronsky (a1) (a4)...


Samples with the stoichiometry (CaxY1−x)Ba2Cu4O8, x = 0, 0.1 were synthesized at P(O2) = 25 and 200 bar. High Resolution TEM images for the samples synthesized at 25 bar show a high density of planar defects as compared to almost defect free microstructure of Ca0.1Y0.9Ba2Cu4O8 synthesized at 200 bar. The intragrain critical current density of the high defect density samples is however about 100 times lower that that of Ca0.1Y0.9Ba2Cu4O8 synthesized at P(O2) = 200 bar.



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