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Studies of an InAs/GaAs Heterojunction by Total-Electron-Yield

  • A. Krol (a1), C. J. Sher (a1), D. R. Storch (a1), S. C. Woronick (a1), L. Krebs (a1), Y. H. Kao (a1) and L. L. Chang (a2)...


Total electron yield (TEY) of an InAs/GaAs heterojunction due to soft x-ray excitation has been studied. This heterojunction was prepared by an overgrowth of a 600 Å InAs layer on a GaAs substrate using molecular beam epitaxy. Experimental data are compared with theoretical analysis based on a modified Fresnel formulation to calculate the wave field distribution in stratified media with interfacial roughness. The TEY angular profiles obtained at a given x-ray energy reveal information on the interfacial roughness, secondary electron escape length, attenuation length of elastically scattered photo-electrons, and optical constants of the epilayer in the xray regime.



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