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Structures and Intergrowths in Thallium Superconductors

  • J. P. Zhang (a1), D. J. Li (a1) and L. D. Marks (a1)


The superconducting phases of Tl2 Ba2 CaCu2O8 (2212) and Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10 (2223) have been identified by means of electron diffraction analysis and high resolution electron microscopy. The 2212 phase is essentially perfect, with the structure previously determined by x-ray studies but with a different c/a ratio, while the 2223 phase shows structural variations which may be due to oxygen vacancies. In addition, superstructures based on intergrowths of 2212 and 2223 and the block structures Tl2Ba2CanCun+1O2n+6(n=1,3,4,5) intergrown in 2223 were observed.



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