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Structure Control of Bioactive Titanate Nanomesh Layers Fabricated on Laser Irradiated Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glass using Hydrothermal-Electrochemical Method

  • Sayaka Maruyama (a1), Naota Sugiyama (a1), Masahiro Yoshimura (a2), Togo Shinonaga (a3), Masahiro Tsukamoto (a3), Nobuyuki Abe (a3), Takeshi Wada (a4), Xinmin Wang (a4), Akihisa Inoue (a4), Kiyoshi Okada (a1) and Nobuhiro Matsushita (a1)...


The surface of Ti-based bulk metallic glass (BMG) was irradiated by the femto-second laser and microgrooves were formed on the surface. The titanate nanomesh layers were fabricated on the micro-grooved BMG surface by hydrothermal-electrochemical (H-E) treatment changing the conditions of the concentration of electrolyte solution (0 and 5 M) and applying current density (0-200 mA/cm2). The bone-inducing capacity of the samples with different H-E treatment was confirmed by soaking them in a simulated body fluid for 12 days. The H-E treatment in higher concentration 5 M NaOH aq. and applying higher current density above 0.5 mA/cm2 exhibited excellent bioactivity inducing large hydroxyapatite crystallites.



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