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Structure and Tc of La1−xYbxBa2Cu3O7-y Layered Perovskite Superconductors

  • C. Jiang (a1), S. M. Green (a1), YU Mei (a1), H. L. Luo (a1) and C. Politis (a2)...


After the discovery of YBa2Cu3O7-y with an unusually high superconducting transition temperature (Tc), around 95 K [1], similar compounds were made by completely replacing Y by the other rare-earth elements. It was found that RBa2Cu3O7-y (RBCO; R = rare-earth) possessed the same orthorhombically distorted layered perovskite structure and virtually the same Tc for almost all R [2–8]. The exceptions are compounds with R = Ce, Pr and Tb. The stable tetravalent state of these three R elements, as contrasted with the stable trivalent state of the other R elements, may be the reason behind this problem [9]. But there are also problems in producing single-phase, high Tc samples with La, Yb and Lu substitutes [10–12]. One of the reasons for this may be the size of these R ions: the difference between their radii and that of Y3+ is comparably large. Here we present the results of our systematic study of the structure and transport properties of the series of compounds La1−xYbxBCO (0.05 ≤ × ≤ 0.95).



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Structure and Tc of La1−xYbxBa2Cu3O7-y Layered Perovskite Superconductors

  • C. Jiang (a1), S. M. Green (a1), YU Mei (a1), H. L. Luo (a1) and C. Politis (a2)...


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