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Structural Modifications of nc-Si/SiO2 Superlattices by Localized Photo-induced Heating

  • B. V. Kamenev (a1), H. Grebel (a1), L. Tsybeskov (a1) and V. Yu. Timoshenko (a2)


Structural modifications in nanocrystalline silicon-silicon dioxide (nc-Si/SiO2) superlattices (SL) under high intensity laser irradiation have been studied experimentally and theoretically. The melting threshold in nc-Si/SiO2 SLs was found in the range of 5–8 kW/cm2 for cw excitation by 514 nm line of Ar+ laser and ∼11–15 mJ/cm2 for pulsed irradiation by 248 nm, π∼20 ns KrF laser. The irradiation of the samples above the melting threshold induces the irreversible modification of nc-Si layers, which is controlled by the thickness of the separating SiO2 layers, and increases the PL intensity increases by more than 300%.



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Structural Modifications of nc-Si/SiO2 Superlattices by Localized Photo-induced Heating

  • B. V. Kamenev (a1), H. Grebel (a1), L. Tsybeskov (a1) and V. Yu. Timoshenko (a2)


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